May Exhibition at the Parking Gallery


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The Parking Gallery’s exhibition in May is themed around books and text. Exhibiting artists are: Francis Burger (ZA), Léa Lagasse (FR), Jelena Martinovic (CH), Chloe Reid (ZA) and Fabian Saptouw (ZA).

The opening will be on Wednesday 9 May, when our guest speaker is:
Jasper Walgrave
(see here for more details)

The event start at 18:30

Address: VANSA Offices, Craftsman Centre, 5th floor, 289 Fox Street, City and Suburban, Johannesburg

Francis Burger will occupy the back room of the gallery for the month of May. The space will be converted into a temporary studio or office and used intermittently to work through research generated by two different projects: an archival experiment performed by Research Art* for the Artists Proof Studio retrospective currently on exhibition at JAG, and the Independent Publishing Project (IPP)**, recently hosted with the support of the Goethe-Institut South Africa at their head office. Fragments from each process will be exhibited within and outside of the studio space. Additional items or publications from the IPP’s temporary library may be viewed by appointment.
* Research Art (2010– ) is an experimental research agency based in Cape Town, comprising Josh and Jared Ginsburg and Francis Burger.
** The IPP (2011– ), facilitated by Jonah Sack and Francis Burger, is a collaborative initiative aimed at gathering people and objects around the idea of self or small-scale publishing in a South African context.

More information on the IPP here:

Léa Lagasse will be showing a selection of her book works, or editions. The distorting process at work in Lagasse’s pieces often sparks off with her personal reading, which she turns into “meta-books”, commentary on the original text, yet contained within that text. With layout or binding device destined to echo the original narrative, her artist books draw upon a fragmented perception in which processes of interpretation, misunderstanding and misreadings play a great part. Her reader is encouraged to negotiate a journey between fragments and clues and thus to construct their own images and personal narratives.

Lagasse is a French artist who lives and works in London. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in her home country and abroad, including: The Malady of Writing at the Macba in Barcelona, Spain (2010); the Contour Light Biennale in Mechelen, Belgium (2009); Paper Exhibition at Artists Space in New York, U.S.A; Perché Realizzare un’opera quano è cosi bello sognarla soltanto? at the S.M.A.K. in Gent, Belgium (2008); Girls Next Door at Super gallery in Paris, France (2008); Moving Windows at Pusan Metropolitan Museum in Korea (2006); and Collective at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (2003)

Jelena Martinovic will be showing a silkscreen print called Dying Horse. This piece originated from String Figures, a series of sculptures realized in Switzerland from 2009 to 2010. Each sculpture involved up to 10 people in a laborious choreography to be created. A photograph of one of these test sculptures was then given to a South African graphic designer to decode. He then interpreted the process of its origin, which was unknown to him. The edition was realized this April in Johannesburg, with the help of Fred Swart, Niall Bingham and Pro Helvetia.

Martinovic works as an artist and researcher in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is currently completing her PhD in history of medicine at the University of Lausanne and has just returned home after a three month Pro Helvetia Residency in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Chloe Reid will be presenting: Duck / Sometimes doing Something leads to Nothing (Francis Alys). This series of etchings consists of a selection of texts used as references for a body of work rewritten/etched onto brass plates and printed and then scratched out and printed again. When the series was produced the project presented a way of addressing a problem, whose solution might be that there is no solution, by not addressing the problem at all. Each text is partly responsible for the problem.  The series demonstrates a method (which was practiced/preached by each of the authors of the featured texts in some way), of ducking out.

Reid graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town (UCT) last year. She participated in group shows including Context at the Michaelis Gallery and Outside the Lines: An Exploration of Abstract Materiality at Whatiftheworld gallery in Cape Town earlier this year and is currently living and working in Johannesburg.

Fabian Saptouw shows a variety of pieces, including: a lithograph portrait of UCT made up of the ISBN numbers of its book collection; a lithograph self portrait composed of the barcodes of his personal library; and a pile of photocopy paper containing the entirety of Derrida’s Of Grammatology but with each separate letter of the text listed in alphabetical order.

Saptouw completed his BAFA and MFA at the University of Cape Town. He is currently a lecturer at the Michaelis School of Fine Art UCT and teaches Foundation Course, Printmaking and New Media. Exhibitions include: the solo show Unraveled and rewoven canvas at the Stevenson Side Gallery, Cape Town (2006); and the group show Open Book at Brundyn & Gonsalves (2011). He recently curated the group show Context at the Michaelis Gallery, Cape Town (2012). His research interests include Process-based production, Process Art, Materiality, Book-making, Text-Image studies and the history of the printed word.