Wed 6 June: Opening for Donna Kukama’s EXTRASPECTIVE


 The Parking Gallery’s June exhibition is EXTRASPECTIVE, a series of performances and interventions by multimedia artist Donna Kukama.


Kukama will be taking up residence in the VANSA offices, making a daily contribution to the workplace throughout the month of June. Parallel to this occupation, she will be staging different performances and interactions in the space. As these progress, the artist will use the empty gallery space to build up a collection of residue, tracing the events that occurred.

A performance will take place every Wednesday evening during the month of June. These will include aspects of Kukama’s collaborative work, such as NON_NON, Café Exchange, CHR, the chopshopcollective and others. She will open the exhibition on:
Wednesday 6 June,
with a new version of Café Exchange, made in collaboration with Naadira Patel.

If visitors would like coffee from the café, they are required to bring something in exchange. The “something” serves as a currency that will determine whether coffee is served, as well as how strong/mild/weak the coffee will turn out.

The event starts at 19:00

 Donna Kukama’s  artistic practices often take on a form and character that is experimental, applying methods that are deliberately undisciplined. As an artist whose interest is to occupy an existing canon, she uses performance as a strategy that allows her to invent, as well as apply, methods that are outside the canon of what is predictable or expected.

” I use performance as a medium of resistance against already established ‘ways of doing’ and also as a strategy for inserting an unfamiliar voice and presence into various territories of the public. My work introduces fragile and brief moments of “strangeness” within socio-political settings.  These actions are intended as gestures of poetry with political intent and hopefully destabilize existing canons regarding the ways we look at reality.”

Kukama has participated and performed in various local and international exhibitions and Art Fairs, including the Joburg Art Fair in 2009, Art Miami 2009, ARCO Madrid 2010, FOCUS11 in Basel, and SUPERMARKET 2012, in Stockholm.  She has been nominated for various art awards including the MTN New Contemporaries Award (SA) in 2010, as well as the Ernst Schering Award (Ger) in 2011. Together with Kemang Wa Lehulere, she co-founded the Johannesburg-based NON- NON Collective in 2010, and received a nomination for the Visible Award (IT) in 2011. She is a creative researcher amongst a group of artists, curators, researchers, and writers at the Center for Historical Reenactments, founded in 2010. She co-owns the Café Exchange with Naadira Patel, and is a co-founder of the chopshopcollective.

Kukama is currently a faculty member at the Wits School of Arts. She completed her postgraduate studies at the Ecole Cantonale d’art du Valais in Sierre (Switzerland) in 2008, under MAPS (Masters of Art in the Public Sphere).

Address: VANSA Offices, Craftsman Centre, 5th floor, 289 Fox Street, City and Suburban, Johannesburg

Image caption: Donna Kukama, “Not Yet (and nobody knows why not),” DVD, color, sound, 12 minutes, 2008; appearing courtesy of the artist. Image: courtesy of the ArtSpace