Melissa Bennett and Michelle Monareng at the Parking Gallery

Melissa Bennett and Michelle Monareng invite you to The Parking Gallery on Wednesday the 6th of November at 7pm. 






Melissa Bennett‘s series of photographs is located in the Johannesburg, suburb, Highlands North. The exhibition explores photography’s role in mediating the relations between people and space in portraiture. Both the perspective of the photographer and the sitter are examined in these images, which look at how people construct their identities in their own personalized spaces. This body of work¬†engages the specifics of place and space, and the collaborative relationships built between the photographer and the person photographed.

Removal to Radium is a two year long research project by Michelle Monareng culminating into an exhibition forming part of her Fine Arts degree at the University of Witwatersrand. In this exhibition Monareng will show work whose departure point is her grandfather’s archive in which he, over a period of 20 years, collected and recorded the history of the 1965 forced removals of residents from Rietspriut No. 417 I.R, a farm located in Heidelberg. The project performs an undoing of archival interpretations and reallocates and transforms factual information into the realm of artistic imagination. Monareng will show a collection of videos, documents, photographs and sound exploring themes of landscape, memory and ways of looking at the past as a sensed place.

We hope to see you there to celebrate this occasion with us !
Everyone is welcome