Reminder: REVOLUTION ROOM: Public Colloquium, Day 2, Sunday, 24 November, 10:00am, MOAD



Public Colloquium, 10:00am, Sunday, 24th November 2013
Museum of African Design (MOAD), Maboneng Precinct – 281 Commissioner Str, JHB


Join us for the second leg of the Revolution Room Colloquium as we launch the first stage of the project, undertaken in collaboration with the DRC-based collective, Picha, together with a wide network of local and international partners, and supported by Pro Helvetia, the Goethe-Institut and the Arts Collaboratory.


The Colloquium aims to enable a wider audience of creative practitioners, students and interested parties to engage with and interrogate the logic of the project. The first day served as an introduction to the project, its partners and the central concerns of the initiative. The second session of the colloquium will present the findings from the project development workshop over the past week and will give interested parties the opportunity to engage with the methodologies and strategies being formulated in ways that will enable a wider audience to inform – and be informed by – the project development process.


About Revolution Room
The Revolution Room project seeks to explore new ways in which museums as public institutions can project themselves more forcefully into the public realm, through interventions in ‘common space’ developed out of complex collaborations between artists, citizens and museum professionals.  The project will involve museum professionals working with artists and local partners/collaborators in developing projects in Cosmo City, a post-apartheid urban settlement in the north-west of Johannesburg.


The project will also seek to forge institutional linkages, collaborations, and a community of practice between South African, African and European institutions and organisations, borne out of the practical experience of developing a shared project.
The project builds on VANSA’s work in the area of public practice over the last few years through projects such as Two Thousand and Ten Reasons to Live in a Small Town, and our involvement and consultation with various public and private sector organisations. We anticipate a project that is both topical and responsive as well as a complex collaboration between the various publics, the creative community and public institutions through public interventions, education, experimentation and innovation. The project also links with a parallel project concerned with network development and collaboration on the continent, the Pan African Network for Independent Contemporaneity (PANIC), which VANSA is developing together with Picha, an organisation based in the DRC which is responsible for the Lubumbashi Biennale.

VANSA is  collaborating with Microsillons (Switzerland), The New Patrons Project (Germany) andKUNSTrePUBLIK / the Centre for Art and Urbanistics (Germany), together with museum educators from a number of heritage institutions based in Johannesburg and Gauteng, including the Johannesburg Art Gallery,Hector Peterson MuseumWITS Art Museum and Freedom Park.


The project also launches with a workshop that will bring together our partners in sharing experiences, methods and context, while putting together a strategy and methodology for the future realisation of public projects within Cosmo City, and elsewhere. Revolution Room will also involve an intensive mapping of Cosmo City, working with young architecture and planning students and local youth. This mapping will also involve engagement with residents of Cosmo City in developing a conceptual and experiential map of the locality, and the identification of local networks, structures and individuals with which the project might engage in particular locations in Cosmo City.


For more information about the project, the workshop and colloquium, and collaborators and partners, go here.