Wed 4 December at the Parking Gallery, “The Indexicality of a Ritual” Curated by Sinethemba Twalo comes to a closure.



“The Indexicality of a Ritual”

When nothing entices nothing stirs beyond inertia becomes agitation impulse aiming at nothing but a nothing in the way and the slightest contact reverses the directional flow… An ordinary movement filmed in video a gesture replayed. – Pierre Alferi

Evening starts at 18:30 for 19:00

To conclude the exhibition ” The Indexicality of a Ritual” we will be having our closing down event on Wednesday the 4th of December 2013.


The exhibition ” The Indexicality of a Ritual” interrogates race based thinking within urban-scapes in South Africa.

Reflecting on the contesting and often contentious narratives around race and access, the project will attempt to perform an inter-textual reading of how communities relate to urban space, vis-a-vis their socially inscribed racial identities.


The exhibition looks into the concept of the “event” as a form of indexical behaviour, the processes whereby “event” assumes phantasmagoric implications within the body politic. “The Indexicality of a Ritual” attempts to meditate on the particular event of forced removal and dispossession as it figures within black life.

The exhibition begins its line of inquiry from the rumour within academic circles of a written companion piece to Sol Plaaitjie’s “A Native Life in South Africa”. The project thus then attempts to construct a series of fictional accounts of what this lost companion piece would detail with regards to contemporary processes of loss and dispossession

“The Indexicality of a Ritual” is curated by Sinethemba Twalo. The exhibition features the work of Pakama Ngceni, Mbali Mdluli, Michelle Monareng, FM Ploch and Sinethemba Twalo

The exhibition is part of the colloquium “The Quintessential Other: Black Life in Context”